About Panoply PR

Who We Are

We pride ourselves in being a unique ethical public relations firm!

What does Panoply mean? The definition of Panoply states: “a complete set of arms or suit of armor.” Our vision is to become a shield for people and businesses around the world and to create, promote, and manage market leaders.

Our creativity, dedication, determination, and devotion allow us to expand our services and provide more to our clients. In addition to PR, we specialize in web design, SEO, graphic design, and video development.

Our Culture


Our vision is to serve as a shield and hub for small businesses around the world. We strive to develop, promote, and manage market leaders!


Our mission is to provide a complete set of solutions for businesses. Throughout the span of our work, we treat your company as if it were ours, with 100% passion, determination, and dedication!

Core Values





Panoply PR